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supporting developement

for people with a so-called intellectual disability


In case of inusual behavior, withdrawal, major changes in the living environment, as a support for the expression of emotions, for a happy, fulfilling life with full potenital.


The consultations are aimed at adolescents and adults living with a so-called mental disability.  (Trisomy 21, developmental delays, autism).


The counseling adapts to the verbal and cognitive abilities of the person. 


The consultaions are also aimed at parents, relatives and caretakers: difficulties in dealing with the diagnosis, in the relationships, exhaustion for the challenges of life and the issues of disability....there is space for everything! 












facing difficult situations


for relatives and caregivers



In case of psychological stress, difficulties in the relationship, fatigue, threatening burnout, for a meaningful life. 



In this exchange we take time for your personal and emotional concerns. There is nothing that cannot be discussed here!




Garden eden21: 


The garden is open! Come and look with me at growing and blooming  flowers and herbs. There are not only plants that grow here, but also pride and satisfaction about work well accomplished the joy of being together and the closeness to growth and nature.


You are most welcomed to join me in taking of the plants. Call me if you would like to pay me a visit!


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Tamara Pabst, zusammenunterwegs, Winterthur
Psychological counselling for people with intelectual disability, their families and carers

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